Your PLR Licence For This Product...

[YES] Can edit the product and reseller website if any.

[YES] Can put your name as the author/producer.

[YES] May change, add or remove content.

[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites.

[YES] Can be sold in any format.

[YES] Can be packaged, with no more than 5 other products.

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus to a paid product.

[YES] Can be published offline, if applicable.

[YES] Can sell with Personal Use.

[YES] Can sell with Resell Rights.

[YES] Can sell Master Resell Rights.

[NO]  Cannot sell Private Label Rights.

[NO]  Cannot give away Private Label Rights.

[NO]  Cannot be given away as a free product. This is to maintain the

         value of the product.

[NO]  Cannot be included in free websites.

[NO]  Cannot be added to free membership sites.

[NO]  Cannot be offered as a free bonus.

[NO]  Cannot be sold on auction sites or in dime sales.

[NO]  The individual components of this package cannot be separated

          and sold separately or given away separately.

[NO]  You may not claim copyright unless you alter these products by

         more than 50%.

[NO]  You may not sell this product or the resell rights if you ask for a

         refund. Your licence becomes null and void.


IMPORTANT: Violation of these Terms & Conditions voids your PLR licence and all monies are forfeited.



All Fast PLR Sales are subject to our "Purchase Agreement" below.



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