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You Need To Understand The Effects Of Colors In Sales And Marketing!

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Dear Internet Marketer,

Are you wondering why the visitors to your site don't stay long enough to understand your message?  And if they're not reading your salescopy, you've know you've no chance of selling them anything!

So why are they leaving almost straight away?  You know the copywriting is good.  And everyone you've shown your new product to, is really positive and complimentary.

So what is it? 

The principle of color within your design is a viable and under-rated marketing tool.  It's knowing how and where to utilize color.   But what if I told you that it also depends on just who your potential target market is!

There are gender-specific color preferences and perceptions, and this can add to the confusion in the effective use of colors in your all-important selling tool... your website.

Men prefer bright, strong colors while women can have a preference for soft colors.

Once you've got the product and the salescopy right, the last hugely important factor in success or failure... is achieving color harmony in your graphics design. 

This is simply defined as

"a pleasing combination of graphical elements (fonts, lines, figures and photographs) and their accompanying colors"

...to provide a satisfying and appealing visual, that grabs a positive response from as many site visitors as possible.

Color harmony is always a pleasure to look at, and is one of the main attractions in keeping a site visitor on your web page long enough to understand your message, and hopefully purchase something.

How were you supposed to know all this?  You're no graphic designer.  You've had no training in color charts and color wheels.  Let me tell you that... you're not alone!

So, now you know what the problem likely is... what's the solution?

The "Internet Marketing Color Bible" is an information-packed 85 page eBook that guides you in coming up with harmonious and rhythmic graphic designs and web pages so that the traffic that you worked so hard to attract to your site, is drawn unconsciously to stay right there, and read and understand your message. 

Your new "Color Bible" provides the necessary tools and the insight on how to organize your design elements.  Why do you need to know all this?   Because your visitor will automatically reject a visual experience that is overdone and chaotic.  Our brain automatically rejects what it cannot organize and what it cannot understand.

Your new skills...

You'll be able to present a logical structure to your webpage.  One that achieves visual interest and a sense of order in the presentation and organization of the various graphical elements we use in design.

Your "Bible" explains and guides you away from over-stimulation due to over-complexity.

In fact, your new "Internet Marketing Color Bible" eBook gives you the guidelines and insights to come up with, and develop a dynamic equilibrium every time you undertake a new website or other design project.  In plain and simple language... it will give you an insight and deeper appreciation of the theories of colors, harmony, analogous and complementary colors, including the effects colors have on each other.

It contains most of the information professional graphic designers have learned over the years from art school and from their hands-on experience!

It is veritably a graphic designer’s secret black book of tips, tricks and techniques

...to achieve that elusive color harmony in your website design!

There's no special language or terminology to learn.  Once you understand "color wheels" and charts, simply explained, you'll treat the information as common sense.

And you'll not only understand the use of color, but it's place in marketing... including:

  An introduction to color theory


  Primary, Secondary & tertiary colors


  Color terminology


  Using colors on the web


  How monitors & screens display colors


  Designating colors online


  Understanding "web safe" colors


  Choosing color combinations


  Learn how to use the color wheel


  More variations of color


  Understanding contrast


  The overall impact of color


  Colors and their psychology in marketing


  Color, psychology and sales


  Color models and combinations


  The connection between psychology and

      internet marketing


  Which colors to use on your website?


  Using hues & tones of popular colors


  How color affects individuals


  About color schemes


If you've been struggling to have your website perform...

"Internet Marketing Color Bible" has the answers.


And just so you're totally relaxed with your purchase decision, here's our usual...



If you don't believe that you've learned all you need to, to have your site color co-ordinated and ready for your own target audience...

Simply send us an email and your money will be returned immediately.

You've a full thirty days to make up your mind.  Can't be fairer than that!

About now you're probably asking yourself just what you'll be paying for this invaluable "Bible" of information? 

All those chapters to put you on the right colour track for your site. 

All the "why didn't I think of that before?" moments as you work through these simple to understand instructions!

We've been around the internet for quite some time now... and we really enjoy helping people realize their online ambitions.  We know we could very successfully charge $49.97 for all this information.  But that's not what you'll pay today.

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If you're not in the first fifty and the payment schedule shows the usual price of $39.97... be absolutely assured it's still worth every single cent, and more.

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P.S.  This concise 85-page eBook will make you realize, appreciate and enjoy the world of colors like you have never before.  If you now realize that you've been needing a complete color resource that's specifically been written so that anyone can understand it... you came to the right place today.


P.P.S.  Graphic Designers spend years paying art school fees and learning their trade.  You'll spend a relatively short time learning all you need to know to have your website and eCovers looking inviting and readable.


P.P.P.S.  Not forgetting that you've up to a full thirty days to put all you're about to learn, into practice.  Towards the end of that time, if you don't believe that your new "Bible" has been worth every cent... let us know and your money will be on its' way back to you in no time!  Go on back and click that button now!  And good luck with your marketing.


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