Our Help Desk has been busy with questions from first time visitors to FastPLR.  So, to save you (and us) some time… here are the most frequently asked questions Private Label Rights(PLR) products.

Q: Do I have the rights to onsell the PLR?

A: That depends on the licence to the particular product you've chosen.  We've lost count of the number of different PLR licences.  But it's really easy for you to check.  In the same box as the graphic and description of the product, you'll find a link to the specific licence for that product.  Just click.  So it's easy to find out exactly what rights come with a product before you purchase.


Q: There are some categories where you don't have many products on offer?

A: That will change with time.  We're adding to the range all the time.  


Q: Most of the PLR products I've already bought elsewhere, have been heaps more expensive than your prices.  Why are yours so low?

A: You're worried that low prices equals low quality.  Right? Wrong!   We've sourced good quality PLR products all over the internet, and we've been doing this for quite some time, so we know where and who to go to, for the good stuff.  But it doesn't end there.  We take the package apart and improve the graphics if needed.  Then we ensure that there's a download page as well as a salespage (lots of packages don't come with a download page).  But first, we go take a good look at the product itself.  If it's low quality or just fair to middling, we put it back on the shelf and go looking for one that has really good info or content, or both.


And then there's the "FastPLRPremium" products that you'll have noticed.  These have been produced by us and are exclusive to FastPLR.


So, the prices firstly reflect our initial costs and the amount of time we've had to devote to putting together a product we're proud of.   Secondly, we've a pretty good idea how far a product has spread around the internet.  If we believe there's quite a few of them already out there… we reduce the price accordingly.


And the last item that helps determine prices is the PLR  licence.  The more restrictive the licence… the higher the price.  If it's a totally non-restrictive licence and we know that means that it will spread around the net quickly… it's a lower price.


Q: You've got some free stuff on the site.  How come?

A: If we believe a particular product is already widespread online, and if the licence allows us, you'll find it in our "Free Stuff" page.  These are good if you're just getting started – use them for practice.  If you believe the product itself is what you're looking for… then go the distance and redo the graphics and maybe the website too.  Turn it into something good and unique to you.  If you enjoy the free stuff… we're happy.


Q: What happens if I don't like a product once I've bought it?

A: Most places you buy PLR from, have a "no refunds" policy because all the source graphics and, etc., are included.  Once downloaded, they're irretrievable.  It's unlikely that you won't like one of our products because, before you buy…

*  You know exactly what's included in the package

*  You get to see the salespage, if one is included, and

*  You get to inspect the full conditions of the licence


Having said that… all of our products include a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you're prepared to tell us why you're not satisfied with it… we're happy to return your money… in full.  You'll understand why your reseller licence is revoked once we've completed your refund.


If your question hasn't been answered here, please go to and head for the FastPLR section.  We'll be back to you as fast as we can.  Usually the same day… allowing for time differences (and sleeptime!) around the world.

All the best,

Neil Robins